Our rules of governance.


The Group Code of Ethics formulates the general principles of transparency and fairness inspiring the conduct of business. It indicates the objectives and the values informing business activity in relation to the main stakeholders with which Prometeon Tyre Group interacts on a daily basis: investors, environment, the financial market, customers and staff. This document provides all the Group's affiliates with cogent and uniform guidelines for the professional practices to be followed by anyone who work for or on behalf of the Prometeon Tyre Group, or has business dealings with it ("Addressees of the Code") including agents and other intermediaries.

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Model "231"

The Organisation and Management Model is a document that forms part of the supervisory infrastructure required under Legislative Decree 231/2001. The Model – providing it is adequately monitored – exempts the legal entity from liability and also provides an indispensable guide for all employees and collaborators. It sets out clear codes of conduct, control schemes and measures to prevent crimes and corrupt practices as far as possible.

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Group Code
of Conduct

The Group Code of Conduct is a manual of good company practices and behaviors, in compliance with laws and regulations in force in the Countries where the Group operates, with a view to prevent situations potentially favorable to the commitment of crimes.

The Code of Conduct represents an operating declination of the Group Ethical Code and it particularly focuses on three areas:

  • for Company relations with Public Administrations;
  • on Corporate matters and communications to the market;
  • for relations with internal subjects and third parties.

The Code of Conduct identifies, though not exhaustively, behaviors in terms of “do’s” and “don’ts”. The “do’s” area states the obligation to comply with laws and regulations in all the Countries where Prometeon operates, as well as the rules of conduct to be followed, while the “don’ts” area identifies the prohibited conducts and behaviors.

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This program defines values, principles and responsibilities in terms of banning corruptive practices. Prometeon has endorsed the principles of the United Nations Global Compact, according to which enterprises undertake to fight corruption in all forms, including extortion and bribery. This program was developed from the results of a specific evaluation of exposure to risks of corruption in the countries where the Group operates. This evaluation will be repeated periodically in order to guarantee steady monitoring of such risk; in addition, suitable education and awareness programs will be developed where they could be useful. The Program has been adopted in view of establishing a benchmark framework for further reinforcement of the "anti-corruption" policy that the company has implemented over time, first with the Ethical Code and Code of Conduct, and then with specific programs and models in the various countries where Prometeon Tyre Group operates (one example is the Legislative Decree 231 Compliance Program applicable to the Group's Italian companies).

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Prometeon provides its shareholders, employees, suppliers, customers, all its stakeholders, and the general public with a channel to report – anonymously or signed - any acts or omissions adopted by any party within Prometeon, in its relations with the Company or on its behalf such that constitute or may constitute a violation or inducement to violate laws and/or regulations, the principles enshrined in the Prometeon Tyre Group Values and Ethical Code, principles of internal control, company policies, rules and procedures and/or that can either directly or indirectly give rise to economic, financial or reputational damage for Prometeon Tyre Group companies.

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