The new ITINERIS T90 Trailer tyre provides superior handling in dry and wet conditions, excellent lateral stability, outstanding wet grip, ensuring high mileage and tearing resistance in regional application.

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R Medium Severity: products designed for medium/long-haul vehicles on slightly abrasive road surfaces, winding or mountainous roads.

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    Outstanding safety

    Zig – zag design to increaseroad holding on slippery surfaces (M+S)

  • 2

    Superior durability

    Stone-ejectors in thelateral grooves, inserted to protect the bottom of the grooves and prevent casing damages

  • 3

    Lateral cavities to increase the ventilation in the buttress area, reducing heat generation

  • 4

    High mileage & excellent even wear

    Optimized tyre footprint pressure distribution to reduce abrasion at the shoulder due to lateral slipping

  • 5

    Enhanced robustness

    The new tread design and the new tread compound enhance the tearing resistance, especially in regional application

Performance Overview

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    New Tread Pattern Design

    The new tread pattern profile with optimized footprint improves mileage and tearing resistance.

  • 2

    New Dual Layer Tread Compound

    DTLC: the external cap grants higher mileage, excellent wet & dry grip and tearing resistance; the Internal base reduce heat generation.

  • 3

    Pirelli BWC Technology

    The Bead Wrapped Chafer Technology ensures a better retreadability.

  • 4

    The ITINERIS T90 has M+S marking.

Size Load index and Speed code
Click on the tyre size to view the corresponding EU Label
385/55 R22.5 160K
385/65 R22.5 160K (158L)
Size P.MAX (mm)
385/55 R22.5 3
385/65 R22.5 3