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Premium fuel efficient steer tire designed for long-haul and regional service, it delivers exeptional handling, low rolling resistance, high retreadability and high removal mileage.

Enhanced steering precision and excellent performance in every weather condition through proprietary SATT Technology.
New tread pattern with siped ribs and widened tread profile provide an optimized footprint resulting in even wear and long tread life.
New tread and base compounds deliver long tread life minimizing heat generation, ensuring excellent retreadability while complying with EPA Smartway Rolling Resistance requirements.

Energy efficiency

Low Rolling Resistance helps to reduce Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emission

High mileage

Improved Mileage guarantees a longer first Tyre Life.

High retreadability

Carcass with high durability enhances higher level of retradability, with an extended tyre life cycle.

Low noise

Lower Noise emission helps to have a high acoustic comfort.

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Premium fuel efficient trailer tire designed for long-haul service, it delivers exeptional structural integrity, fuel efficiency, resistance to laceration, high retreadability and long tread life.