Prometeon launches the new corporate website

Values at the heart of the new concept to highlight the corporate philosophy


Prometeon Tyre Group is launching the new corporate website with a very clear goal: to make the Sustainability, People and Innovation concepts - which are the foundation of the company’s philosophy - increasingly clear to users. The new platform is already online and has been designed by an in-hose team of communication, graphics and programming experts.

The website hosts many new features, starting from the layout: the homepage has been redesigned, also graphically, with the aim of better reflecting the company’s philosophy while the new Sections - named Sustainability, People, Innovation and Testimonials - embody the company’s new approach. At the same time, the product pages have been revamped, aiming to make them more appealing, modern and accessible. The Services section features a new dedicated area, linked to that of product, emphasizing Prometeon’s synergy as a Solution Provider for Professionals, while the Innovation section explores the topics related to simulations, partnerships with universities and digital universe.

On a purely technological level, the website has been redesigned according to accessibility and immediacy of use principles. The Testimonials section is very innovative: it can update itself independently, using a tag cloud to automatically highlight the main themes. The search system for products is brand new and it has been developed so that users can filter the different solutions in real time on the pages they are browsing.

Nadia Martin, Head of Institutional Affairs & Operational Communication of the Group, said: “The new website’s launch is a major step forward that allows us to communicate to both Customers and Partners the underlying principles of our business idea, focused on Sustainability, People and Innovation. These three ideas are future development’s drivers and, at Prometeon, we enhance them by paying the utmost attention to the aspects related to production, services and human resources management. I would like to express my appreciation to all the in-house experts who have worked with passion and commitment to achieve this major corporate goal”.

 To check out the new site please use the following link:

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Prometeon launches the new corporate website

Values at the heart of the new concept to highlight the corporate philosophy