01 Series Revolution – Product range development in 01 Series and enhancement of integrated services for a more efficient mobility

After the first lines introduced in 2009 of the 01 Series, the “Regional” (FR:01 and TR:01) and “Trailer” (ST:01) segments, three new lines were launched in September 2011 in Turkey. The new tyres lines respectively designed for use in critical winter condition (W:01), long distance haulage (H:01) and construction machinery (G:01) are developed to deliver high level of performances in view of environmental sustainability, mileage and low running costs. 
Like all 01 Series tyres, the new lines also employ latest generation of SATT technology that provides extended product life, high retreadability, extremely even wear. Compounds and tread pattern are designed and optimised according to the performance required in the different applications. A summary of performance benefits is provided by the ECOIMPACT symbols on tyre sidewall.

The introduction of the new range is accompanied by the enhancement of Pirelli integrated services to support haulage operators. Over the past few years, Pirelli has introduced the Novateck Tyre Retreading System through a network of certified retreaders guaranteeing first-life quality even of subsequent retreads. Pirelli has also recently expanded CQ24 International, the breakdown service available throughout Europe and Turkey, designed to put the vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. 

The range of services offered by Pirelli to promote fleet efficiency is now completed by Fleet Management, Fleet Check an Cyber Fleet.