FH:01 Coach is specifically designed for passenger transport on medium and long distances, enhancing comfort and superior safety level.

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H Low Severity: Products designed for long-haul transport vehicles on motorways or arterial roads with very low specific tread-wear conditions.

Low rolling resistance and reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

Improved mileage and longer first tyre life.

Reusable tyres, thanks to high retreadability and its recyclable highly aromatic oil free (HAOF) materials.

Lower noise emission and high acoustic comfort. Fulfils future (2012) EC Directive.

FH:01 Coach can be fitted either on drive or steer axle. The specific tread design is optimized to grant excellence steer handling and good traction.

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    Innovative wave sipes designed to enhance;

    - Handling;
    - Snow grip performance (M+S, 3PMSF markings) to offer exceptional performance in all weather conditions;

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    Optimized tread pattern design to enhance lower noise emission

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    RSR Rotated Shoulder Rib (Pirelli patent):

    - to allow a correct distribution of footprint contact pressure;
    - to ensure optimal even wear and the higher mileage;

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    Designed with Ejectors at the bottom of lateral grooves:

    - to prevent stones trapping;
    - to ensure better durability and retreadability;

Performance Overview

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    Hexagonal bead wire (HBW)
    - High flexibility for easy fitting
    - Retreadability

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    Bead wrapped chafer (BWC)
    - High bead integrity
    - Easy fitment

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    Full rubberized cords(FRC) (Pirelli Patent)
    - Great fatigue resistance

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    Rotated shoulder rib (RSR) (Pirelli Patent)
    - Innovative shoulder tread contour allows correct distribution of footprint contact pressure
    - Enhanced even wear
    - High mileage

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    Dual layer tread compound (DLTC)/High silica formulation compound (HSSC) (Pirelli Patent)
    - Wet grip
    - Low heat generation for better Rolling Resistance and integrity

  • 6

    Three sandwich belts (3SB)
    Zero Degree belt
    (Pirelli Patent)
    - Enhanced even wear
    - Extended tyre life
    - Retreadability
    - Improved handling

Size Load index and Speed code
Click on the tyre size to view the corresponding EU Label
295/80 R22.5 156/149M
315/80 R22.5 158/150L (156/150M)


Maximum regrooving depth 3.0 mm, regrooving width 6-8 mm


Size P.MAX (mm)
295/80 R22.5 3,5
315/80 R22.5 3,5