Drive axle tyre featuring innovative structure, compounds and tread design to provide roadholding and traction on any kind of road surface: snow, wet and dry

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W Winter: products designed for use over long and medium distances under critical weather conditions (snow, rain and temperature lower than 7°C) and on snow covered surfaces

Low rolling resistance and reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emission.

Reusable tyres, thanks to high retreadability and its recyclable highly aromatic oil free (HAOF) materials.

Lower noise emission and high acoustic comfort. Fulfils future (2012) EC Directive.

Safety and mileage in demanding winter conditions.

Thanks to this new concept of ‘winter’ tyre design, with dense and thin siping, these new lines FW:01 and TW:01 are ideal for equipment on coaches, performing excellent acoustic comfort and high mileage. This advantage is enhanced by using the combination of FW:01 on steer axle and TW:01 on drive axle.

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    The optimisted sequence of dence transversal siping and grooves promote snow trapping providing excellent “snow on snow” grip for better traction and statbility in case of wet and slippery surfaces

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    ​Directional tread pattern optimises grip on both wet and dry surfaces

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    ​Reduced tread block mobility limits rolling resistance, promotes fuel saving and enhances even wear

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    ​Increased tread width promotes mileage M+S marking

Performance Overview

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    DLTC - Dual Layer Tread Compound

    Dual Layer Tread Compound with high silica content (2 Pirelli Patents pending) 

    Wet grip 
    Low heat generation for better rolling resistance and integrity 
    Better resistance at low temperature

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    3SB - Three Sandwich Belts Evolution

    ​Enhanced even wear 
    Extended tyre life 

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    FRC - High Penetration Steel Cord

    Total compound penetration enhancing casing resistance fatigue

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    HBW - Hexagonal Bead Wire

    ​High flexibility for easy fitting

Size Load index and Speed code
Click on the tyre size to view the corresponding EU Label
295/80 R22.5 152/148M
315/70 R22.5 154/150L (152/148M)
315/80 R22.5 156/150L (154/150M)

Regroove: tw:01

Size table (max w.: 8mm)

Size P.MAX (mm)
295/80 R22.5 3
315/70 R22.5 3
315/80 R22.5 3