Pirelli FleetApp

Pirelli FleetApp is an application suitable for iOS and Android platforms, which helps to rapidly identify the tyre most suitable for each individual requirement in both passenger and commercial transport. With just a few inputs, users can find all the information they need about the tyres that make up the truck range, as well as the tyres in Pirelli’s second brand, Formula.
This simple and intuitive app delivers information such as the type of usage recommended for each tyre, sizes available, European label data, tread pattern design and technical characteristics, in every size.
As well as details of the product range, the app includes a built-in simulation tool that allows users to calculate how much fuel they would save, based on the energy efficiency of each tyre. The FleetApp menu also contains special offers and a video gallery that helps customers to better understand the entire range of Pirelli products, as well as specialised services such as CyberFleet.
Before being officially released, the app was comprehensively tested by fleet sales personnel, who carried out the role of beta testers in the field, supplying valuable feedback and information to refine the interface and the app’s user-friendliness.

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