An optimised range of bands, with Pirelli original tread patterns, for all applications offers a wide choice for all customers needs.

Identical quality for all tyre “lives”.

This is the target of Pirelli Lifecycle Management, the Pirelli retreading system aimed at increasing Pirelli casing value through three key elements: tyre conception and production quality, optimised range of Novateck bands, network of selected retreaders.


Pirelli maximises the casing retreadability starting from the casing project and the selection of the new tyre materials. In fact all the variables that will impact on the tyre during the whole life need to be taken into account also for ensuring higher retreadability.


Pirelli selects the best in class retreaders through a rigorous qualitative audit in order to be able to provide its customers a high quality retreading process. The qualitative monitoring applies for both casing selection performed by the retreader and the retreading process itself.


An optimised range of bands for all applications offers a wide choice for all customers needs.

The Novateck bands use only Pirelli original tread patterns in order to ensure the perfect match with the casing even after the first life.
This will guarantee performance and quality similar to the ones of new products.

Pirelli Lifecycle Management: higher value to casing quality and to initial investment on new tyre.
Lower cost per kilometer, lower overall cost and lower impact on environment.