Novatred is the entirely mould-cure retreaded tyre from Pirelli.

The casings used are new generation original Pirellis, where the most recent technological innovations have been applied, fine tuned to ensure high resistance and integrity beyond their first life.

Despite the high retreadability index of the new Pirelli casings, before the regeneration process they are subjected to careful checks.

In addition to the quality of the casings, the use of compounds for the tread band formulated to provide optimum balance between mileage, tread tear resistance and low rolling resistance, as well as the original tread designs of the 01 Series range, make Novatread the ideal product for those looking for performance comparable to new tyres, at really great prices.

The painstaking regeneration process, and the quality-control inspections conducted in accordance with Pirelli standards prior to the product going on sale, place the Novatread retreads among the top players in the market.

Reduced environmental impact - Ecoimpact  

With Novatread, Pirelli once again demostrates its commitment to the environment,containing and delaying the disposal of used tyres.