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H:01 Energy tyres outperform our competitors’ average with a 4,9 metres difference in stopping distance, proving to be the safest and most reliable in wet braking.

We subject our tyres to a variety of tests in order to better evaluate their strengths. In this particular test we brought our H:01 tyres to Vizzola, the Ticino testing facility, where we principally conduct instrumented tests, in this case wet braking efficiency.

The Vizzola test focused on the H:01’s Wet Grip, which a tyre’s ability to adhere the road under wet conditions. Better grip on wet surfaces means shorter braking distances when driving, even in the rain. In conducting this test we chose two Iveco Stralis 500 with active ABS Braking system. Each was running with 315/80 R 22.5 steering tyres mounted on the front axle and traction tyres dual mounted on the rear axle. We then loaded each to 70% maximum weight capacity, which reduces a the vehicles overall performance on slippery roads, in order to better test real life conditions.

The results showed a 4,9 metre reduction in braking distance compared to our best competitors average. This important safety parameter has been incorporated into the EU tyre label for being the most representative situation in order to compare tyres.

The H:01 has been voted Best in class with regards to Top Wet Braking Performance.

Discover all the details of the Vizzola wet test direct from Fabio Montanaro, Pirelli’s senior manager of predevelopment & research, in our interactive video.