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The Formula range is the outcome of an innovative project, combining versatility, performance, long life and affordability.

Because we know that no two roads, like no two vehicles, are alike we’ve engineered these tyres to meet long and medium distance needs of whatever the road has to offer. Discover the Formula that best suits your transport needs:

Steer: Offering long-term reliability, this tyre is the champion of precision and safety. The four longitudinal grooves ensure precision and control behind the wheel, even under the worst conditions. The groove pattern and siping are engineered to achieve reduced braking distances and better lateral grip, while preventing irregular wear.

Drive: This tyre focuses on grip. Whether on wet or dry roads, we designed this tread pattern for optimal performance under any conditions. And the deep blocks guarantee better grip throughout the life of the tyre.

Trailer: Efficient rear-vehicle management and resistance to transverse stress are essential for long to medium transport and Trailer provides it all, whether you use the 22.5", that utilizes a zig-zag pattern for excellent grip and braking, or the 17.5", which offers an even more robust pattern for even better roadholding on wet surfaces.

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