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The H:01 Coach Line proposes tires characterized by a structure suitably designed to guarantee both safety and comfort. It meets the needs of very special customers: the fleet’s manager, the driver and the passenger. 

Comfort guaranteed by a structure purposely designed to better cope with rough surfaces and mitigate rolling noises. Safety provided by progression in the wheel response, driving precision and roadholding on wet surfaces. Economic efficiency over time, guaranteed by the synthesis between high mileage, regular tread wear and low resistance to rolling.

These are the “credentials” of the new H:01 Coach line that has been developed by enriching the range already present in the catalogue and targeted to mount tires on vehicles used for long-haul transport of people. The new tires have been conceived for the long-haul transport of people on both roads and motorways and are characterized by low treadwear ratings. Products such as Coach FH:01, suitable for every type of axel, and TH:01, specific for driven axels, have been developed to meet the needs of very special “customers”: the fleet’s manager, the driver and the passenger. While safety is the prerequisite, the manager also aims at managerial efficiency, the passenger at comfort and the driver at excellent driving standards.


Innovations for this type of product concern both the structure and the materials: the reinforced bead portion and the new compound provide a longer tire life by guaranteeing higher mileage and greater ease at re building. The recent Euro VI norms require a different configuration of the vehicle and therefore need to mount on the rear axel tires with higher load index. This is the reason why range 295/80 R 22.5 FH:01 Coach has a higher load index (154/149 M).


As a rule, vehicles intended for commercial transport mount the same tires on all axels, also for acoustic reasons. However, if required, it is possible to mount on motor axels a type of tires that guarantee better grip, especially in the winter season.


TH:01 suits these conditions perfectly thanks to a deep siping that guarantees improved grip on wet surfaces and reduced breaking distance; in addition to this, besides boasting the M+S markings, it also carries the 3PMSF one.