The driving style, which includes braking, acceleration, road-holding and steering control, can have a huge impact on the fleet’s overall safety and profitability. PRO DRIVE provides fleet managers with a real-time database and KPI analysis useful to improve fleet operations and reward the best drivers.
PRO DRIVE is the new dedicated solution by Prometeon for vehicle fleets. Based on GreenRoad knowhow, the service is designed to monitor the position of the vehicle and the driver’s behaviour to help you maximize the productivity.

PRO DRIVE is the new comprehensive platform powered by GreenRoad using physical devices and a mobile applic ation to assist fleet managers in reducing risk and improving the efficiency and productivity of their fleet thanks to actionable insights on fleet performance. A resource-saving and user-friendly platform you can always rely on.

• User friendly • Clear and easy-to-use dashboards
• “At-a Glance” fleet monitoring via KPIs, snapshots and trends • Scheduled reports delivered by email to any user
• Live maps and trips history • Report packs take the guesswork out of key weekly or monthly tasks
• Hot-spot analysis to identify high-risk areas and drivers • Immediate push notification on:
• Full drill-down to the teams, vehicle & user level
Exceptions from routine or policy
• Real-time alerts and ToDo list
Personal performance
• Extensive reporting and analytics suite Team performance

A broad range of capabilities for diverse operations and multi-sensor deployment via sensor fusion.
Possibility of data sharing via open API and 3rd party integrations.