Prometeon Tyre Group pursues its sustainability policies and it is committed in ensuring sustainable practices in its production, offices and services


Our Values

Result Driven

Excellence is part of our DNA and is deeply present in out culture, upon which we rely to work as a team, energetically committing ourselves to short- and long-term goals


Promote, encourage, and follow a spirit of accepting and promoting change and adapting to evolving or limited-information work circustances. Foster changes as opportunity to grow and strive


Promoting trust by embodying value and ethical examples for the whole organization, stimulating everyone's contribution through the integration of everyone's different perspectives


Motivating people and generating passion through collaboration among teams, through active listening that integrates everyone's different perspectives


Making things happen by having the courage to take risks on both people and ideas. Being accountable for the implications of one's own choices and fostering a culture of error.


U.N. Global Compact

To enhance its sustainability policies Prometeon Tyre Group joined the United Nations Global Compact

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Management and Sustainability Models

With reference to Sustainability, the Company is in compliance with International Standards (Quality Certifications ISO, International Automotive Task Force - IATF, etc), which are also taking into account the Stakeholders Expectations and Original Equipment Customers Requests.

Prometeon Tyre Group has established its sustainability plan with reference to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and support the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations. The Sustainability Plan 2019 has been developed in accordance with “Value Driver” a model conceived by the United Nations Global Compact which sets targets regarding: 

  • Growth
  • Productivity
  • Governance and Risk Management

Executive Summary


Sustainability by Prometeon

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Sustainability is a pillar in the growth of Prometeon

Sustainalytics has assessed the Group’s standards in ESG terms: third-ranked in 2022 at a worldwide level in the sector. Sustainability governance strengthened at a global level. New targets for 2030 for the reduction of the environmental impact on the entire value chain: production and sales.

“Sustainalytics” encourages Prometeon. The Company’s ESG rating at the top end among tyre manufacturers

The first part of the analysis by the ESG rating agency has ended. The sustainable policies adopted by the Group are crucial for managing the 350 million Euro sustainability-linked loan. Prometeon continues in its efforts to improve sustainability, with investments in Turkey, Egypt and Italy.

Prometeon presents its 2019 Sustainability Report

The main achievement of 2019 was the Company joining the United Nations Global Compact