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Premium fuel efficient all position tire designed for long-haul and regional coach service, it delivers exeptional handling and acoustic comfort, low rolling resistance, high retreadability and high removal mileage.

The DLTC - Dual Layer Tread Compound delivers the ideal performance balance between long tread life and low rolling resistance.
SATT structure combined with tread pattern design deliver a unique riding experience for many miles in exeptional acoustic comfort.
Tread pattern design combined with a full depth siping structure deliver excellent grip and traction in all weather conditions.

High mileage

Improved Mileage guarantees a longer first Tyre Life.

High retreadability

Carcass with high durability enhances higher level of retradability, with an extended tyre life cycle.

Energy efficiency

Low Rolling Resistance helps to reduce Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emission

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Premium open shoulder drive tire designed for regional service, it delivers structural integrity combined with exceptional braking and traction performance in all weather conditions for the whole life of the tire.