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EU Tyre Labelling Regulation 2020/740 - General Info

This initiative is part of the 2030 Climate and Energy framework of European Commission – designed to improve the energy performance of products, buildings and services to reduce energy consumption at least 32.5 % until 2030 (CO2 emission compared to 1990).

Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009 first introduced the obligation of placing car and van tyres on the EU market with a sticker showing the label.

That regulation has been replaced by Regulation (EU) 2020/740 from 1 May 2021 onwards, when new requirements start applying. Under the new regulation, bus and truck tyres are also covered.

“Tyre energy labels provide a clear and common classification of tyres performance for rolling resistance, braking on wet surfaces and external noise. The labels help consumers make informed decisions when they are buying tyres as they can easily set their priority choice based on the 3 parameters:

  • The energy efficiency class ranges from A (most efficient) to E (least efficient). A top class tyre has less rolling resistance and therefore requires less energy to move the vehicle. This translates into lower energy costs (fossil fuels or electricity).
  • The wet grip class ranges as well from A (shorter braking distance on wet asphalt) to E (for truck).
  • The external noise class ranges from the best (category "A") to the worst performance (category “C”) and noise value in dB”

(Source: European Commission)

In addition to fuel efficiency, safety and noise emission, the Energy label reports:

  • 3PMSF marking
  • QR code to access to a public database where the label information are stored and accessible to all.
Careful driving with awareness helps the environment and safety

Actual fuel savings and road safety heavily depend on drivers’ behaviour and correct tyre management and care:

  • eco‐driving can significantly reduce fuel consumption
  • tyre pressure needs to be regularly checked to optimize fuel efficiency and wet grip
  • braking distances must always be respected

Link to the page of European Commission site dedicated to the new labelling for tyres:

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