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Product designed for regional and long haul service, it delivers structural integrity combined with exceptional braking and traction performance on all road conditions for the whole life of the tire.

Robust shoulder rib together with enhanced tread compound provide outstanding resistance in high scrub operations and even wear.
Protected longitudinal grooves provide exceptional resistance to stone drilling for improved tire life and retreadability
Four zig-zag grooves of innovative profile help reducing the concentration of stress at their base, achieving even wear and high removal mileage.
Innovative tread compound withstand high scrub operating conditions while complying with EPA Smartway requirements.

High robustness and longevity

High compound and structure resistance to guarantee excellent use in the most severe conditions.


High mileage

Improved Mileage guarantees a longer first Tyre Life.

High retreadability

Carcass with high durability enhances higher level of retradability, with an extended tyre life cycle.

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Premium fuel efficient trailer tire designed for long-haul service, it delivers exeptional structural integrity, fuel efficiency, resistance to laceration, high retreadability and long tread life.