Prometeon presents its 2019 Sustainability Report

The main achievement of 2019 was the Company joining the United Nations Global Compact


Prometeon Tyre Group, the sole tyre company fully dedicated to the Industrial sector, for the transport of goods and people, the Agro and OTR segments, has published its 2019 Sustainability Report.

One of the most prestigious achievements of 2019 was its inclusion in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

In order to enhance its management capacity, for the creation and maintenance of sustainable values, the Company joined the United Nations Global Compact which count 10,435 companies in 166 countries and offers leadership guidelines envisaged to inspire advanced and innovative Sustainability Performance Management for business community in full compliance with the corporate social responsibility practices. More than that Prometeon Tyre Group not only has embraced the ten fundamental principles of the UNGC, but has decided also to support the Sustainable Development Goals defined by United Nations during the 2030 agenda, aiming to achieve a better and more sustainable future.

The four pillars on which the Sustainability Report of Prometeon Tyre Group is based are:

  • Governance and Business Ethics: The Sustainable Management Model adopted by the Company, as well as the related Policies and Procedures.
  • Social Dimension: A governance dedicated to a series of activities and projects defining the internal community with a specific focus on people and the related well-being, health & safety and the concrete contributions to the external community.
  • Environmental Dimension: the set of requirements governing the company's power consumption, water withdrawal, green gas emissions and waste recovery management. In 2019 there was a 4.71% drop in water withdrawal by the company compared to the previous year, 97.25% of the total waste produced was recycled and in 2019 the Company recorded an improvement in the specific energy consumption of 6.49% compared to 2018.
  • Economic Dimension: the details of the distribution of the value chain as well as the policies that take into account suppliers and customers relationship's management and the company’s list of quality certifications.

Giorgio Bruno, CEO of Prometeon Tyre Group, said: “2019 was a very important year for the whole Group and we are proud to have been able to achieve prestigious goals, not only in terms of business but also in supporting the environmental and social community in which we operate. Nowadays, it is essential to use governance tools that can support the creation of shared values, relationships with Stakeholders and related ties, also through the development of financial, productive, intellectual, human, natural and social capital. Prometeon's Sustainability Report summarises all these elements, which are vital for anyone who expresses the desire to respect our ecosystem's balance and to develop successful corporate strategies in the long run”.

Furthermore, the Group has a Code of Ethics providing and formulating professional practices’ clear and uniform guidelines for all its subsidiaries. These must be followed by anyone who works or has business relations with the company, both nationally and abroad.

Sustainability by Prometeon

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Prometeon presents its 2019 Sustainability Report

The main achievement of 2019 was the Company joining the United Nations Global Compact