Driving to the future

This is Prometeon R&D responsibility towards customers and society to support your business and protect the environment


Research & Development

Thanks to the expertise collected in over 100 years in designing tires, R&D team developed a high technological and performance level to meet the specific needs of the professionals


Open Innovations

Innovation is the Prometeon drive force: thanks to collaborations between companies, startups and universities, it’s possible to develop new technological solutions and new engineering-mindsets


Digital Solutions

It’s a team of young minds, experimenting with no boundaries, embracing the latest technologies and relentless learning


“Alexandre Bregantim”

“Prometeon is more and more involved in searching technological solutions that minimize the environmental impact. Thus, thanks to increasingly performing and at the same time more sustainable products, both in terms of safety and respect for the environment”

Multicultural Team

The multiculturality of our R&D team ensures diversified creative approaches, easy communication and exchange with local communities, development of product technological solutions that best respond to the needs of each geographical area and for each use

Innovation by Prometeon

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