Startup Approach

Freedom and Flexibility: are our keywords of a structured approach that combines business needs, innovation, and adaptability, while ensuring a quick go to market

Cutting Edge Technology

No Resistance to Experimentation. We embrace the latest technologies, and if the existing systems cannot meet our ambitions, we build our own

We ♥ Open Source

A better way. Open Source not only provides us with a stable and well-performing code, but it is also an opportunity to share best developing practices and interact with a huge community of passionate developers

Customer Centric

Users First: our expertise and enthusiasm to fulfill our customers’ needs, thanks to new tools making their work-life better and easier, exploiting the true potential of their data

Creative with Technology

We are all about disruptive ideas. We believe in boundless creativity, curiosity and dedication to find always smarter solutions. We are a multicultural team, and thanks to that, we solve problems thinking out of the box

Cloud and Security

We built our multi-cloud infrastructure from scratch with the highest standards of Security, Compliance, and Flexibility. Every element is based on Infrastructure-as-Code best practices, and flexibility is granted by our container orchestrators and real time data streams

PRO CHECK - by Digital Solutions

The new Prometeon’s Fleet Management service: PRO CHECK, is a product of Digital Solutions’ technology and enthusiasm, from the first line of code to the Global Cloud Infrastructure. PRO CHECK is made by a web interface and a Mobile App version, both blazingly Fast and Easy to use.

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Innovation by Prometeon

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The new PIRELLI branded H89 Series provides efficiency and durability through innovative technology and tread patterns.

The H89 Series, specifically designed for the North American market, includes dedicated tires for each axle, delivering high mileage and excellent handling in all road conditions.