Finite elements tire simulation

We perform simulations on different operational and ambient conditions to reduce the number of prototypes but above all to guarantee products’ quality and durability

Tire Design

Tire designing is a complex mix of geometrical shapes, like the sidewall profile and the tread pattern. More than 20 different materials are used in a single tire to improve its performances

Collaborations with Universities

Prometeon plays a proactive role in innovation, constantly promoting partnerships with universities all around the world. This is a virtuous circle connecting the Universities with the industrial technological evolution and feeding the company with new ideas

Vehicle Dynamic

The tire is one of the most important components of a vehicle suspension system, bearing vertical loads, accelerations, safety brakes. Prometeon uses the most advanced tire models and vehicle dynamic software to collaborate with automotive industries all around the world

Tire modelling

Our tires are the result of decades of experience on Finite Element models (FEM), together with most recent multiphysics analysis. Our simulations help develop new materials and structures for industrial tires, taking account of the different pavement conditions, temperatures and weather conditions


Vehicle Dynamic

Vehicle dynamic simulations are used more and more to develop new products, increasingly connected between each other and interacting in line with the performance of the vehicle and the environment

Collaborations with Universities

University has a fundamental role in the education and training of our specialists. We are partners of various universities, since they are a source of new knowledge and the framework for startups that will define the technologies ruling the upcoming social and economic scenarios. Prometeon intends to invest in those universities and startups, which are best expertise in innovation


The design of the tread pattern must consider the complex phenomena of interaction between tire and road. Snow, wet, uneven ground are situations the tire can meet and to which it must respond, behaving in the best possible way, always providing the driver with the full control of the vehicle

Innovation by Prometeon

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The new PIRELLI branded H89 Series provides efficiency and durability through innovative technology and tread patterns.

The H89 Series, specifically designed for the North American market, includes dedicated tires for each axle, delivering high mileage and excellent handling in all road conditions.