Who we are

Prometeon Tyre Group manufactures and sells tires especially for industry, transport of goods and passengers, and AGRO and OTR applications.

Officially established in 2017 as a spin-off from the industrial division of PIRELLI Tyre, Prometeon starts its path producing and selling PIRELLI branded tires.

Nowadays, the company is progressively developing a multi-brand and multi-product approach, widening its technological expertise.

Each tire is the result of #PrometeonTechnology engineering work focused on innovation with the aim of offering the right solution to our customers







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#Prometeon Family

There are more than 8,000 people in the #PrometeonFamily. Prometeon operates across the globe and it is driven by principles of internationalism and multiculturalism. 53% of our people are #millennials, from more than 32 different countries and the average age is 38 years. We work together, embracing this great diversity as an integral part of our culture in Prometeon

Our People

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We want people who leave a mark. We are looking for people with open-mindedness, strong willingness to learn, grow and continuously raise the bar. If you are ready for your future… JOIN US!

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More than 100 years of


The heart of the group's technological innovation are Research and Development centres in Italy, Brazil and Turkey, where researchers and engineers mix the knowledge accumulated in decades of experience and passion, with the creativity of young people from universities and startups, to produce what we call "Prometeon Engineered Technology". This is revolutionizing the way of designing and manufacturing tires for industrial vehicles

Tire Solutions for Professionals

Prometeon Tire Group is the only tire manufacturer specialized in goods and people transport also active in agro and off-the-road tires field. Our products and services are the result of passion and commitment for quality, safety, sustainability, and innovation. Continuous investment in R&D is at the heart of Prometeon Technology, offering the market integrated and multi-branded technologically innovative products and services. These maximize efficiency and reduce costs, thanks to our strong partnerships with major Original Equipment Manufacturers and our collaboration with dealers and service partners