We want people who leave a mark. We are looking for people with open-mindedness, strong willingness to learn, grow and continuously raise the bar. If you are ready for your future… JOIN US!


Our Purpose


Our Purpose


This is us..

We lead through new roads, establishing with COURAGE new footprints and leaving our mark.

We come together, everywhere, everyday, under any sky, to work with strong compliance and drive with our customers and business partners towards new horizons.

We are in constant search for INNOVATION, we focus on acting RESPONSIBLY by creating long-term sustainable value for our stakeholders.

We are creative and RESULT-DRIVEN people moved by PASSION for the tyre industry, coming together to collaborate and make a difference.

We work together in an agile, inclusive, multicultural and diverse context, where individuals are encouraged to express their own potential.


Our Core Beliefs

BE Result-Driven

We feel engaged and energized in striving for results and high performance. We cope with and rise to the inevitable challenges, problems and setbacks we meet in the course of our journey

BE Passionate

We are passionate and committed, we believe in what we do and take satisfaction in providing safe and efficient wheels to improve the customers’ journey on the road, throughout the world. We feel engaged and energized by what we are doing together

BE Innovative

We are explorers, we steer the wheel to meet and adapt to changes of our customers, clients, people and environment. We reinvent the route and simplify the course to achieve our goals and we display and spread an entrepreneurial and digital mind-set with grit

BE Responsible

We collaborate effectively with all our stakeholder network, by establishing trustworthy and transparent relationships. We all are responsible in taking care together of our internal environment, our social communities and external ecosystem

BE Courageous

We have the courage to take risks, according to ethics and compliance, to pursue excellence and we are unafraid of mistakes. We speak out, challenge conventional thinking, and stand up for our ideas and beliefs and we push ourselves to grow and develop everyday

We are international

Thanks to its presence in more than 15 countries and commercial exchanges in 5 continents, Prometeon Tyre Group has a global approach, giving to its people on a daily basis, the opportunity to work in contact with many cultures and functions

Learning & Development




«The webinar Feedback Gym, one of the GET FIT initiatives I attended, really opened my mind. I realized how giving and receiving constructive feedback is challenging, but very important in an organization. Instead of questioning me about what my colleagues or my boss think, simply ask, knowing what others think gives you the power to control and take over your future»

«What GET FIT has given me is OPPORTUNITY. After the training, we had the idea: Use all the learned from the training in the naming session, expanding the brainstorming not only to the people involved in the project, but to the majority of the people involved in the GetFit Creativity training»



Enhance your awareness as a group and individual


Learning Workout

Refresh and grow up your competencies


Food for the Future

Discover and study to be inspired by the future


Yearly Surveys

We perform yearly surveys to our employees with the aim of continious improvement

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