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Designed to be reliable and safe in critical winter conditions, while ensuring high mileage, grip and retreadability.

Now winter is safer.

The shoulder tread contour design ensures even wear and high mileage
The dense siping provides excellent grip and steering control on wet and snow surfaces
Deep siping in central rib bridges promotes traction and snow grip beyond half tyrewear
The special tread compound formulation offers resistance at low temperature

High mileage

Improved Mileage guarantees a longer first Tyre Life.

High retreadability

Carcass with high durability enhances higher level of retradability, with an extended tyre life cycle.

Winter performance

Winter tyre, with improved vehicle handling and traction performance, meets the high level of safety in all cold weather conditions .

Wet handling

Tyre with excellent performance on both dry and wet roads thanks to excellent wet grip.

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Designed to provide maximum traction on snow covered surfaces and grip on wet and dry roads, while ensuring mileage and retreadability.

Now winter is safer.