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The latest generation of tyres for mixed use service, featuring low operational costs, and extended tyre life. 

Technological innovation and sustainability at the heart of the new range. 

SERIE 02: The future is now.

The latest design and material innovations reduce environmental impact, improving the tyre efficiency and safe performance
Optimised tread pattern design with wider tread and deeper grooves for higher mileage and better performance.
The new reinforced casing construction offers an increased load capacity up to 10 tonnes
The new tread pattern guarantees excellent maneuverability on rough terrain and also covered with mud and snow, and the configuration of the grooves offers exellent mud evacuation.

High retreadability

Carcass with high durability enhances higher level of retradability, with an extended tyre life cycle.

Low noise

Lower Noise emission helps to have a high acoustic comfort.

Self Cleaning

Tread design and lug geometry provide an excellent self cleaning performance, improving the traction efficiency.

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TG:01 II

Product for on and off road use that balances high robustness, good traction in off road and an optimization of operating cost for on road use.

Designed to resist, made to last.