Economic Dimension

Thanks to its Ethical Code, Prometeon Tyre Group ensures responsible development and creates value, keeping high the attention towards the stakeholders, improving quality of life and environment


Zero Emission Mobility

Safety and Sustainability encourage the use of zero-emission transports and improve the access to mobility for all.

New technologies are revolutionizing the conventional transport business models.  

The project of the Municipality of Milan to build the Smart Mobility District in terms of Sustainability and Innovation has the aim to:

  • Promote the use of public transport
  • Adopt alternative transport systems such as car and bike sharing stations

Road Safety

The commitment of Prometeon Tyre Group is to spread road safety culture and sustainable mobility through:

  • Training
  • Awareness-raising campaigns
  • Innovative technological solutions

Product safety, performance & eco-sustainability

Environmental policies and legislations require original equipment manufacturers to reduce vehicles’ fuel consumption. For this aim in 2019 Prometeon Tyre Group developed “Profuel”: a tire line which has the lowest rolling resistance class of the company’s Pirelli branded premium range. Thanks to “Prometeon Technology”, a series of technological packages to improve the performances, thanks to new compound formulations and to the tread pattern design are born ANTEO, TEGRYS and ERACLE, that besides remarkably reducing fuel consumptions, keep a strong focus on the environmental impact during the production

New launch & New products

In 2019 Prometeon Tyre Group launched new brands and tire lines such as: ANTEO, ERACLE and TEGRYS. These products have been created to give the right answer to the needs of the markets.

ANTEO: developed with a special focus on safety and offers an excellent performance for Wet Grip. Its compound is optimized to guarantee the right tire life performance and retreadability.

New tire MC:01TM e-URBAN: designed to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles such as energy saving performance, which has impacts on the vehicle autonomy, and  higher level of load capacity to support the increased vehicle load due to the weight of the battery

Our Suppliers

  • Prometeon Tyre Group evaluates and selects its suppliers on the basis of their Quality in terms of corporate social responsibility and environmental responsibility
  • Sustainability standards to be complied are defined in the Supplier contract agreement

In 2019 Prometeon Tyre Group started specific self-assessment activities with an ad hoc questionnaire sent to the potential suppliers to verify the level of compliance with respect to the principal national and international regulations on Work, Environment and Business Ethics.


Our Compliance

In 2019:

  • No cases emerged of non-compliance with regulations or voluntary codes concerning marketing activities, including advertising, promotion and sponsorship
  • No significant final penalties were levied and/or paid relating to infringement of laws or regulations, including those relating to the supply and use of the Group’s products and/or services
  • No cases emerged of non-compliance with regulations or voluntary codes concerning information and labelling of products and/or services
  • No cases of non-compliance with regulations or voluntary codes concerning health and safety impacts of products and/or services during their life cycle
  • There were no documented complaints concerning both violation of privacy and/or the loss of consumers’ data
  • No sales related to products sold by Prometeon Tyre Group were banned or disputed

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Sustainability by Prometeon

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Sustainability is a pillar in the growth of Prometeon

Sustainalytics has assessed the Group’s standards in ESG terms: third-ranked in 2022 at a worldwide level in the sector. Sustainability governance strengthened at a global level. New targets for 2030 for the reduction of the environmental impact on the entire value chain: production and sales.

“Sustainalytics” encourages Prometeon. The Company’s ESG rating at the top end among tyre manufacturers

The first part of the analysis by the ESG rating agency has ended. The sustainable policies adopted by the Group are crucial for managing the 350 million Euro sustainability-linked loan. Prometeon continues in its efforts to improve sustainability, with investments in Turkey, Egypt and Italy.